our covid safety plan

To our community and amazing locals,

Due to the unfolding situation regarding Corona virus we would like to inform you on what we are doing to ensure your safety and minimize the risk of spreading whilst still being able to visit your local.

We are taking advice from the federal government and are implementing any recommendations from them. We are also maintaining strict hygiene measures and our team are working hard on keeping you safe. What are we doing to ensure this?

  • Hand sanitisers are throughout our venue and easily accessible for staff and patrons.
  • Social distancing (1.5m apart)  
  • Our ATMs, hand rails, tables and any areas that are often touched to be consistently cleaned and sanitised throughout service
  • Daily deep cleans from our cleaning contractors
  • All persons displaying any flu like symptoms are asked not to enter our venue

We are working hard on still offering you the experience of visiting your local. We ask that you are respectful and patient with our staff in this difficult time.

Please follow us on social media for regular updates. 

Thank you for your understanding and for your support. We look forward to welcoming you soon.


Hotel Steyne